Owen grew up in Dublin and threw himself into the juggling and street theatre scene at an early age. He studied at Circomedia, Bristol, specialising in Juggling and trapeze and afterwards as a further education teacher in Circus. He graduated in 2001.

Owen co-founded juggling duo, 'Spot the Drop' with Malte Steinmetz and later 'Freehand' with juggler and video artist, Howie Bailey. From 2005 to 2007, he took up the position 'Head of Juggling' at the Circus Space, London. He continues to teach there on the BA Hons Degree in Circus.

Owen has worked with the core Gandini Juggling group for the last 4 years and has had a large input into the complex programming that has gone into the popular Glow Club pieces. He continues to work primarily with them.

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